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Nicole/17/TX you probably follow me because of voice acting cosplay or gay anime(knb, snk, free...) but either way youre totally welcome here. send me an ask!


Homestucks at San Japan pt. 3

I recently got into Homestuck and didnt plan a cosplay for it this year, but DEFINITELY did not expect this many cosplays! It made me happy to see them and sad not to participate

If you see yourself, feel free to comment and ask for a tag, but also walk me through that shit cuz i dont know how to do it and I just wanna be nice

Another shot of my fef! The 8 ball was for some vrisfef shenanigans but she was busy when this was taken

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A great Feferi cosplay from San Japan this weekend

My Feferi from San Japan!

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please just watch this

"It’s one second." I said
"It can’t possible be that great."
I was wrong.

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Oh god no


Blushing Makoto 

Fat karate kid knows what’s up

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I’m not posting this ironically or as a joke. I think this is an important part of love and trust.

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Hey Guys


I know this is kind of strange for me to do, and I know this is not very fandom related, but after the day that I have had I feel like I needed to get this off my chest. I don’t know really what I am trying to say with this, but here goes nothing. And I guess I should give you a little…

I’m not going to pretend I knew this girl and was her best friend cuz I really didn’t. However I do remember one day I was sitting in the commons with ginger feeling kinda odd cuz I don’t usually talk to her other friends. I stayed mostly silent and didn’t really get in any words. This also isn’t some story about how she welcomed me into the conversation with open arms or something nice like that. I don’t think i shared a single word with this girl. But today when I heard about this in a group text someone linked a picture of her and the only thing I recognized was her necklace. I didn’t realize till I read this post that it was the girl I sat with maybe 2 months ago. And now I realize that I recognized the necklace because she played with the heart pendant while she spoke. I know it’s a trivial thing but it’s a memory I had with her. I’ve had family members die and not felt a thing because I never met them but once your have a memory with someone you know what you’re missing and it hurts. It may be a dull ache but it hurts.

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Haru is just very passionate with his goals in life.

I like to think that haru was a very strange and trouble making kind of baby lol….I enjoyed making this comic a little too much..

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