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Nicole/17/TX you probably follow me because of voice acting cosplay or gay anime(knb, snk, free...) but either way youre totally welcome here. send me an ask!



Last day of San Japan! Cosplayed Kou from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club! Had a lot of fun fangirling! And the selfies with my selfie! If you see your self tell me and I’ll credit you!!!
Second Kou Selfie- hetalian-for-life

Tracksuit Rin- bluemu

I’m the Kou in the second picture!

I’m the pitifully white midorima

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wigs separated at birth

I love this photoset so much like oh my god I’m such a cute Annie no debate

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\ ( x q x ) / Omi and Jack hanging out together! 

sorry for the lack of response/activity!! I’ve been busy with school lately~

Holy shit I used to love this show.

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Okay I’m confused

I know the yowapeda manga is already into onoda and everyone’s second year so why do none of the sites have it? Have they just not been translated yet?what’s the hold up?

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Homestucks at San Japan pt. 3

I recently got into Homestuck and didnt plan a cosplay for it this year, but DEFINITELY did not expect this many cosplays! It made me happy to see them and sad not to participate

If you see yourself, feel free to comment and ask for a tag, but also walk me through that shit cuz i dont know how to do it and I just wanna be nice

Another shot of my fef! The 8 ball was for some vrisfef shenanigans but she was busy when this was taken

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A great Feferi cosplay from San Japan this weekend

My Feferi from San Japan!

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please just watch this

"It’s one second." I said
"It can’t possible be that great."
I was wrong.

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Oh god no


Blushing Makoto 

Fat karate kid knows what’s up

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