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Nicole/17/TX you probably follow me because of voice acting cosplay or sports anime, but either way youre totally welcome here. send me an ask!



hi guys! I hit 200 followers a little while ago, and I wasn’t sure what to do for it! well, I was making stickers for pretty much no reason ! gosh look at all those badly well cut stickers! and then all of a sudden I was like “hey, let’s do a giveaway!” it’s my first giveaway so I’m not sure what to do, exactly, but:


  • one like & one reblog! I don’t think multiple reblogs show up, anyway B)
  • you don’t have to be following me!
  • giveaway ends September 28th, which is about 6 weeks from now :)
  • anywhere in the U.S. is fine, but I’m not sure how international shipping works :?
  • don’t use side blogs, please!
  • there will be three winners chosen by a random number generator
  • you’re going to have to be okay with giving out your address!

note: I’ll also draw you your OTP or something and send it in the mail along with the stickers, unless you for whatever reason don’t want a drawing of your OTP o u o  also I might write you a letter because I’m a sentimental sap and I think you’re all automatically awesome. <3

first place winner: the entire set! all 12 mini-trolls and all 8 kid stickers plus your patron troll & your favorite troll on a slightly bigger sticker B)

second place winner: all 12 mini-trolls and four bigger troll stickers of your choice, including your patron troll.

third place winner: all 8 kids and the remaining 6 large-ish troll stickers c:

more information: it ends on Saturday, September 28th so I’ll pick the winners the next morning and inbox you, but if you don’t respond within two days I’m going to have to pick another person :( 

(also what if nobody wants stickers? if that happens then what am I going to do with all these stickers)

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