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you probably follow me because of voice acting cosplay or gay anime(knb, snk, free...) but either way youre totally welcome here. send me an ask!


Dang Those Stairs

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more Dangling Participles

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Anime Matsuri 2014

see more to come at

Feel free to share just give credit!

I look so mesmerized by nicole’s corn haha

fave picture of me as mondo

and you can basically read pattys mind:

"if you hit me in the face with that corn one more fuckin time i swear to jeSUS CHRIST!"

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I love these Idiots.

Anime Matsuri 2014- Chishimondo Photoshoot 

Thanks to our amazing Photographer, John! He was super sweet and i would love to work with him again in the near future :)

Ishimaru: Sadlyaneel

Mondo: Azamack

Photographer: Facebook / Tumblr

photos of my mondo from AM!

For got to post my “hey bitches I’m at the con” selfie so here is my “hey bitches I was at the con but you fucking missed me” selfie

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Dyed my hair again

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I realized I never posted these! So here they are :)

Delta H Con Meenah/Aranea Photoshoot

Meenah is azamack

Aranea is me

me and maddi bein HOTTTTT

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Guess who’s back motherfuckers~


Cock Suckin Squad 2013 #dotyo-o #azamack

hhhhhhh oni con was so funnnn

i have pictures to upload but im lazyyy


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