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Miss Miho


Haru’s art was drawn by PJ

Hey hey! A new episode! With more special guests?! WHAT COULD BE MORE AWESOME?! PROBABLY A CURE FOR CANCER BUT I’M NOT A DOCTOR.


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Titans are the least of their worries.

Reiner and Bertolt:


Original Comic:

so this is the best thing i have ever been in to date


She sounds a lot less echoey in person…”

Cucumber Quest by Gigidigi

Voice Direction and Editing: JelloApocalypse
Soundtrack: pLasterbrain
SFX Assistance: Cyphir

Cast in Order of Appearance:

Cucumber - Saru4Life
Almond - Chula
Sir Tomato - William_TS
Dame Lettuce - pLasterbrain
Sir Bacon - Keenarnor
Cabbage - Arimnaes
Baguette - Udelle
Tartelette - Chula
Narrator - JelloApocalypse
Sir Carrot - Arimnaes 
Grizzlygum - ProZD
Oracle - Saru4Life
Saturday - AzaMack
Princess Parfait - Moony 

I’m in a thing :>

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(Holy crap a new video)

This seems the likely scenerio.

Original Comic Here:

Terezi was AzaMack:

Gamzee was me:

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie

-Music Notes-

The Carnival - Homestuck Vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion

Troll Cops - Alterniabound

im in a thing!

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clearing something up in response to the stuff i posted recently,

i dont use effects on any of my voice acting

like lowering and highering pitch? i dont do it

i can just go really high and really low

that just a thing that i do

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