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cries into the night cuz there are no long/cute/AU fics for vrisfef :<


Hey Em! I was your secret santaa ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

I drew a quick thing because gosh it’s like 6 pm on christmas day over here, but some lovely vrisfef for you happy holidays!!



:D totally I can


1. Holding hands

ok lets start this thing off right


the update actually doesnt upset me that much but i had to do this

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i told someone i would draw this forever ago but didn’t so i finally did

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Captain’s Quarters.

AG: 8ut that’s not what you really want, now is it????????
CC: W)(at do you mean t)(at’s not what I reely want?
AG: Oh, come oooooooon, miss frillyfins, you can’t fool me! I know a free spirit when I see one. :::; )
CC: 38 ?
AG: Puh-leeeeeeeease! You are just screaming ‘sheltered princess who doesn’t get out much’! You can’t tell me you don’t want to seeeeeeee the world 8efore you rule it, missy, and I’m just the kind of good samaritan that would give you a lift.
CC: R—E——ELY? I mean! I reely shoaldn’t…
AG: Some advice 8etween us girls? Don’t ever let that stop you.

(Fake plot synopsis, if anyone want to use it, that’s fine, I’d be awful at actually writing this). The winds of change are picking up on Alternia, the old Queen’s reign is coming to a close, and whole world is on baited breath for what will come next. Feferi Peixes, young, inexperienced, and known for her radical views and values, is the sole heir and is expected to be on the throne by Spring. Assuming, that is, she out-lives the Queen, and according to some groups, that’s not a wise assumption to make. Change, after all, is not always taken kindly.

Vriska Serket, however, loves change. Change as in money, obviously. She’s a pirate in life and profession, and if she’s not the baddest thing to sail these seas, she’d like to see who is. Normally politics would be too 8oring to even catch her notice, but tonight she’s got a shady job involving a princess, a pardon, and enough gold to even make the Pir8 Queen of Treasure drool. The work is simple too, practically a cake walk, just kidnap the princess and keep her out of sight and slaughter for a few months, then the rewards are hers to reap. When she gets there and the princess’ vessel is already on fire, Vriska thinks she might have to amend that ‘cake walk’ bit.

When Feferi wakes up on a pirate ship, the thinks she might have been just a tad too optimistic about wanting to take a ship to the Capital, and not be secreted there by land. But things could be worse, couldn’t they? The Captain’s amicable enough, and she’s meeting such new and interesting people! And it may be a bit MISC)(-EVIOUS, but spending time as a pirate is just so -EXCITING, besides, a Queen does have to know her people, doesn’t she?

And Vriska’s beginning to realize that some things, some people, are worth more than gold, and she’s not feeling too pleased with the idea of giving up her ship’s new pearl.

But can the Kingdom live without her? Who wanted her dead? Who wanted her out of the way? And what’s happening in the palace while the princess is MIA?

Anonymous asked: Maybe some VrisFef? All I want is some cute cuddles, or perhaps some Pirate!Vriska and Maiden!Feferi?

It’s not very cuddly, but I really liked the Pirate!Vriska and Maiden!Feferi idea there, except I guess I still made her a princess. My coloring is pretty terrible, and kind of ruined it, but practice makes perfect, maybe. So, yes, more VrisFef!

hfjkdsjfkjsdkghsfdkhgksfdhgshfdghd AHHHHHHHHHH CUTE


ain’t gonna stop til all of my ships are immortalized on my blog as shitty doodles ( ◕‿◕ )

the vrisfef is soooooo cuuuuute….

vrisfef —themuffinman1227

who cooks normally?: they switch off. fef makes dinner one night, then vriska orders takeout the next.
how often do they fight?: they have petty little fights all the time. but fef usually ends it by either A) silent treatment til vris apologizes, or B) great angry sex.
what do they do when they’re away from each other?: miss eachother in their own ways. fef pesters vris almost constantly, while vris just sulks in her room and tells fef shes busy like she doesnt care.
nicknames for each other?: vriska for fef: shark88, fef for vris: my cuttlefis)(
who is more likely to pay for dinner?: depends on if vriska is broke or not. if shes not then her, if she is she will go to the bathroom and fef will know shes too embarassed to say she cant afford it. fef has no problem with it and finds vriska’s pride cute.
who steals the covers at night?: feferi. vriska has learned to store an extra blanket under the bed.
what would they get each other for gifts?: vriska gets fef jewelry that she has… obtained! fef has tried to give vris gifts. but they were not excepted due to pride. then she discovered vriskas love for dark chocolate and well… dove is delicious :3
who kissed who first?: feferi pretty much scared the shit out of vriska the first time. She had no idea what to think but she didn’t want to lose her as a friend so she went with it. turned out a LOT better than she thought!
who made the first move?: again. fef is a pushy little bitch. she was drunk an d just couldn’t hold back the fish pun infested pickup lines. followed by the answer above.
who remembers things?: feferi remembers everything. vriskas memory is shit.fefs birthday has about 88 reminders on her phone though.
who started the relationship?: FEFERI GOD DAMMIT
who cusses more?: they both have pretty bad language but i think that vris beats fef because when they get drunk fef replaces moth curse words with puns.
what would they do if the other one was hurt?: find the sorry motherfucker who did it and M8K-E T)(EM P8Y!!!!!!!!

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